Mark Ruttner

Licensed Real Estate Agent and Certified Practising Valuer


A professional with many years  experience in both  advisory and general real estate helping people in Melbourne through the buying and selling process.

Regardless of whether you are searching for a house, apartment, or just investing, I have the skills to assist you throughout the process.

As a licensed real estate agent and certified practising valuer , Mark Ruttner will provide a complete suite of services in order to acquire , dispose, or advise on any real estate transaction inclusive of both residential and commercial real estate.

Buying real estate is not an easy  task at the best of times, especially if you haven’t transacted that many times,  and regardless of what you think you know, the process involves a multitude of issues to be considered by a purchaser and or owner, and no part of the process includes only one facet but rather many.

Mark Ruttner guarantees client’s satisfaction. Simply, as a professional and expert he saves a whole lot of time, from simply advising as to how the process should be formulated to exactly how the process will be and mirrors those desired steps to achieve the success of the real estate transaction.

For example as a buyers agent, he will save the client time, negotiate from a-z, provide the parties total anonymity,  assist in a level playing field when dealing with the selling agent, consistently provide  qualified third party recommendations, and importantly reflect result driven fees only.

When you use Mark Ruttner , you have an experienced property participant that is both a real estate agent and certified practising valuer. You tick the box as to market value knowledge base and analysis and the associated process of acquisition and or disposal. Twenty five plus years of experience on your side.!!!!


Throughout the process, regardless of acquisition or sale, the transaction may include:

1 Client requirements and brief determined

2 Help set a realistic brief

4Get access to my extensive network of professionals

5 Match properties to your requirements

6 Schedule and inspect short listed properties

7 Recommend the properties that suit the client

8 Gain feedback from the client

9 Use skill set as a certified practicing valuer

10 Measure the property

18 Comparable sales date and analysis

17 Assess the current market value and range applicable for the clients consideration

16 Make necessary recommendations to the client

15 Make likely strategic brief and basis of acquisition

14 Act on proposed strategy

13 Negotiate with agent/vendor

12 Represent client at acquire either at public auction or private sale

11 Complete transaction



With over twenty five  plus years experience in the residential real estate market, and having a vast network of real estate agents, developers, private investors, mortgage brokers, solicitors, architects, builders , financial planners and accountants, Mark Ruttner is well positioned to explore the opportunities for any client.

Mark Ruttner recommendation to clients are not just subjective, but are objective utilising full market intelligence inclusive of market analysis, and valuation methodology principles allowing clients the knowledge that they are making a fully informed commercial decision without all the usual real estate paradoxes .

As a client you have confidence that when you go to your banker that the price paid has been ticked off without a second thought. Simply, by using Mark Ruttner you buy and sell in a well informed working environment, with no factors not known. Importantly, the process is clinical with no emotive decisions, purely factual ,  based on current market forces at the time of the transaction.

As a real estate consumer typically you may have transacted a handful of times at best. This is what Mark Ruttner does for a living and he is there as a representative and ongoing resource.

Mark Ruttner’s main motive is the outcome and the basis of the strategy in enabling a client to acquire real estate  free of stress , worry ,  limited time and experience.

He virtually guarantees that his fee is insignificant in comparison to  the dollar amount  saved by using Mark Ruttner’s services.

Full Package

Simply, if you want to leave it to the experts. A-Z process.


Assistance Package

You have fount the property, Now what do I do.


Bidder’s Package

Anonymity required, one degree of separation.






Licensed Real Estate Agent , Real Estate Institute of Victoria
Certified Practising Valuer, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia.
Associate of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Company Mojo

“ By using Mark Ruttner you can guarantee the best process by a total professional of the   real estate industry. By using his services you get the best of all hats, both agent and valuer providing a unique blend of personal  service at simply a fee that makes it a no brainer. Why wouldn’t you use him. Mark Ruttner charges a flat fee whereby you know what you are receiving , no percentage of acquisition price and no incentives. Everything is placed on the menu up front.”


Vendor Advocate

What does this mean?

Mark Ruttner as  vendor advocate helps you through every step of a sale process so that you achieve best possible result.

Mark Ruttner  will act for you as an independent third party expert in all sales transactions and advise you, the vendor, throughout the sales process.

As an a vendor advocate Mark  understands that even a small mistake while selling the property can prove costly and lower profit for the seller. So we provide reliable vendors advocacy services Melbourne and make the sales process quick, simple and rewarding. Mark’s knowledge about market trends and are qualified to act as vendor throughout the sale process. Mark Ruttner’s  advise to  clients on valuation, sale methods and even assist during property presentation and negotiation.

An astute purchaser knows when a property is over priced and they will, more than likely, not act. If you don’t price your property correctly and in line with current market levels of value, you could stand to lose out financially.

Our intimate knowledge of market trends and current values will give you the confidence to understand the property’s real value. Mark Ruttner vendor advocates Melbourne help you to sell your home or property & simplify whole sales process.

I will  sit down with you and discuss your individual needs. I prompt you and establish all case scenarios, options and probable outcomes.

As part of my service:

  • I  determine the current market value of your property (under the Australian Property Institute guidelines)
  • I find, if required, the best local agent to fulfill your needs.
  • I will advise on the available sales methods, valuation guidelines, value range and preferred method of sale and be involved from a third party basis to check that all that is being conducted by the selected agent is in fact being done and exercised as promised.
  • I report to you, our client, and not to the agent
  • i save you time, stress and provide expert advice throughout the total process
  • I will  be involved from a third party basis to check that all that is being conducted by the selected agent is in fact, being done and completed as promised.  The cost is zero dollars, as my fee is paid from the selling agents total commission sum.


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